Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition Campaign Setting. 

The world changed immensely 5,000 years ago. A great shining object of immense size landed in the middle of the world. A cosmic energy of power radiated from the object, now called the Magnum Opal. This power funneled through the world and its inhabitants, humans and creatures alike. Strange mutations occurred, magic was discovered, and human technology progressed rapidly.

The world was thriving then, but the power and the human's manipulation of it grew too unwieldy: Conglomerates hoarded resources and controlled the means of production, power-hungry lone wolves prowled on the weak and stole powers from others, minion abuses by powerful individuals amounted to slavery conditions.

Until one day 1,000 years ago a group now known as the Wardens of Order & Chaos formed to better control the power of the Magnum Opal. This group was formed by those one would call heroes or villains, all and all alike working towards a stable and regulated world of super powers.

The Wardens of Order & Chaos worked in secret, learning about the Magnum Opal itself. It was discovered after thorough research of all types of means that the three core "elements" of the Magnum Opal were the three manifestations of power: Mutant, Scientific, and Magical. By the pooled knowledge of the top scientists, wizards, and mutants, the power radiated by the Magnum Opal could theoretically be split. The Warden crafted three pylons of immense size to steer the power of the Opal into three domains, one for each element of power. The Domains were to be 3 self sufficient mini-world of their own, with passage between them only possible through the center of the world, the Magnum Opal. 

In the plateau in which the Magnum Opal rests, the Wardens of Order & Chaos lead a peace-keeping organization consisting of individuals from each Domain: the Mutant, Mystic, Tech Domains. These members are allowed to pass between each Domain on certain missions, assessing cross-Domain threats, illegal transfers of power, or other matters concerning the imbalance of Order & Chaos. 

M&M: The Power of Order & Chaos