The Venture Isles

Technology Domain

Size: 170,000 sq mi

Effect: Once a day, when a character fails a skill check, attack check or resist check, Roll Will Resist vs. Rank 13. Fail, Gain Bonus of +10 to Investigation Checks. Succeed, Nothing Happens.

Hydrology: Large ocean with scattered nation size islands and archipelagos. Deep trenches and coral reefs teeming with underwater life.


Population: 1,250,000

Factions: The Society of Science, The Eight, Conjectural Research Institute

Government: Participating Democracy, The Society of Science and The Eight work together to create new inventions and projects. CRI is a branch of the Patriot Group. Ban on Mental/Psychic Effects. Specials laws for henchman rights, test subject rights, and anti-coop clauses.


Culture: Fringe scientists, outlaw experimenters, and vengeful freak accidents occupy varied islands. Compounds range from small garage-size laboratories to expansive military compounds to entire cities of super scientists. The Octopus are also an intelligent species, whom have mastered and crafted elaborate underwater technology. Rare resources are generally found deep in the ocean and are controlled by The Eight, the elite council of the Octopus. Trade common but fierce competition leads often to bloodshed. Technology is developed and used without restraints or regulations. 


Warden: Q8

NPCs: The Fringineer

The Venture Isles

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